Hommage to Victoria de los Angeles

Artista (s) principales

Jessica Rivera, soprano / Mark Carver, piano

Compositor (es)

Antonio Literes, Manuel de Falla, Fernando J. Obradors, Joaquín Rodrigo, Joaquín Turina, Federico Moreno Torroba


Clásica Vocal, Clásica Española

Escúchalo en:

Victoria de los Angeles has long been recognized as one of music history’s greatest singers, let alone of her generation, when the BBC’s Music Magazine ranked her in the top three sopranks of the mid-twentieth century along with Maria Callas and Dame Joan Sutherland,

At the time of her death Elizabeth Forbes, writing for the British magazine The Independent declared: «It is impossible to imagine a more purely beautiful voice than that of Victoria de los Ángeles at the height of her career in the 1950s and early 1960s».
Undoubtedly Victoria de los Angeles has gone down in history not only as a splendid singer, but also as one of the most versatile, since she was able to perform with equal ease and elegance the lyric repertoire, lieder and early music as well as the popular traditional songs of her beloved Andalucia.
Nowadays Jessica Rivera is following in her own way the steps of the famous diva of the past by allowing herself to perform a rich and varied repertoire that takes her from the most contemporary works, to cantatas and lieder, even to firmly step into the greatest opera houses of the world. 
So, in a way this refined hommage that Jessica Rivera and Mark Carver humbly offer to Victoria serves the double purpose of portraying her fabulous vocal capacities and his elegant accompaniment abilities.The result is a true gift for lovers of vocal music from two consummated artists.